Building A Team That’s Positioned For Growth

September 14, 2022

The right team that's positioned for growth can be crucial if you want your organization to scale new heights. High-performing employees are an asset but the key is to identify the right people for your organization. Developing successful teams is always tricky but a few effective strategies can help your business achieve rapid growth. 

Create a Vision for Your Team

Before hiring your growth team it is essential to have clarity. Take the time to create a clear picture of your expectations from your team members. As a leader, it is important to clearly understand your goals and communicate them effectively to team members. You will set your growth team up for success with clearly established responsibilities, goals and roles. 

Hiring The Right People For Your Startup

Once your goals are established, the next step is hiring a team that's positioned for growth. Ideally, you should start hiring from the top and prioritize the most crucial roles for the company. When resources allow, you can expand the team.  The CEO and the COO will be the two most important players in any business to help direct the company’s vision, culture, and operations.

A product manager will also be a key position for the company. A marketing manager will be a helpful team member to help your company reach a wider audience. As a leader, you may also have to make some hard decisions. Knowing when to let go of certain employees and which roles are redundant in your growth strategy is just as important. 

Organizing Your Team To Facilitate Growth

Once you have your growth team in place, the next step will be to create an environment that facilitates growth. Get to know each team member, identify their qualities and establish a clear role for each employee. For a team to grow, each member must know their responsibilities and goals. Establish a clear hierarchy, foster creativity, and reward the behaviors you want to foster in your employees. 

Finding Balance and Maintaining It

Most founders have managed every aspect of their startup from inception. When scaling up, they must transition to being a leader of a team that's positioned for growth. Delegating responsibilities to team members can be challenging for you and requires a shift in mindset. But, this is the only way to find balance for yourself and your team. Your role as a leader now is to support and empower your team so they can do what they do best.    

Scaling a startup is a daunting challenge. But with a carefully chosen team, you can facilitate growth and benefit from their expertise.

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