Top 10 Relatable Marketing Memes To Brighten Your Day

November 9, 2022

Almost everyone in the marketing industry is constantly trying to test different strategies and working on a million new challenges to create the results they want. Sometimes, it is best to rely on strategies that have a proven track record of being effective, like marketing memes. People around the world are dealing with rough days, and sometimes it  may seem like nothing is going right. Humor makes things bearable, and it provides you with a short reprieve from your problems. Here are the top 10 marketing memes to brighten your day!

1. What Marketers Actually Do


This marketing meme is spot-on! People might see us working all day, but sometimes there’s nothing to show for it. It might be time for us to just bow before the Google SEO gods and offer a sacrifice. 

2. When You Overestimate the Potential of a “Viral” Idea


Marketers are nothing if not resilient. They are a little too used to disappointments. Time to test out that new “viral” campaign idea!

3. Budget Problems That Give You Insomnia


Every marketer knows that this marketing meme rings true and is the reason for our raccoon eyes. Having problems switching off your mind at night? Well, scrolling memes might not help, but it will definitely help you take that anxiety down by a notch.

4. I’m Sure It Would Be Great


If only we’d learned magic instead of marketing.

5. They’re Engaged Fans


All 57 of those fans are engaged and hooked. That counts, right?

6. We Worked Hard on Those CTAs


This marketing meme might be true, but it makes us cry. We spend hours on those CTAs and lead magnets. Don’t just leave after reading!

7. Oh, So You’re an Adrenaline Junkie?


You might be someone who likes to live dangerously. Maybe you’re the kind of person who watches horror movies when you’re alone at home. But marketing professionals would like to tell you that things could go very, very wrong. 

8. Let Me Wave My Magic Wand


When you close the client you’ve been following up with for three months, and you’re happy for two minutes before they start making unreasonable demands. Ok then, let us just bring out the big guns, well, our magic wands. We’ll just wave them around and get you the top ranking in a week. 

9. Our CTA Was Very Clear


We were told our CTAs should be very clear. Those clicks and sales will start pouring in any day now.

10. Every Marketer’s Nightmare


Well, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Here’s hoping your next strategy gets better client feedback.

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