The Importance of Building Strategic Partnerships in Businesses

September 19, 2022

Of all the widely known ways to boost a business, building strategic partnerships is the most effective and productive way to cut down costs, reduce weaknesses and focus on points of strength in your business. Plus, it has existed since the start of commercialization, making it a proven technique that always works. 

Read on to learn what strategic partnerships are and how to leverage them for your business.

What Is a Strategic Partnership? 

A strategic partnership is simply an alliance or agreement between two or more businesses, pulling resources and utilizing each other's network to foster business growth and maximize profit.

To pass as a strategic partner, a business must at least have the following features similar to a joint venture: 

  • A reliable supply chain
  • A proven capital source
  • Good business background
  • Sustainable and trustworthy customer relations

Emphatically, the goal of every strategic partnership is to solidify the strengths of the business and boost profitability. Let's delve into the benefits in detail. 

Benefits of Building Strategic Partnerships

Below is a cheat sheet of 5 key benefits of strategic partnerships. Plus, they point out the challenges it solves and the solution you need.

  • Greater Access to Customers

People who would ordinarily not be within your target audience but in some way need your product or service can be easily drawn to you when you partner to render a combined service. An example is a coffee business partnering with a hotel.

  • Faster Speed to Markets

Entrepreneurs will tell you that combined efforts penetrate markets faster.  Since each partner plays a marketing role for the business in their respective fields, it will bring the business to new markets and opportunities. Think of a delivery company partnering with a restaurant. Their delivery services can be used for other orders other than food.

  • Hyper Cost-efficient 

Let's face it: market research is costly. But the good news is that strategic partnerships reduce the cost of doing market research and remove the potential losses incurred in starting a business in an entirely new environment.

  • Brand Awareness and Trust

Thanks to strategic partnerships, you can now boost your brand awareness when a long-standing brand vouch for the authenticity of your new brand. Potential leads are more inclined to trust your product and refer your service to others. An example is the partnership between Spotify and Uber.

  • Assurance to existing customers

There is nothing more reassuring to customers than when they see your brand making identifiable efforts to  maintain its market presence. They automatically feel a sense of trust and security for that brand to last long and expand, like the partnership between IBM and Google.

How To Create Strategic Partnerships That Work 

The best way to create strategic partnership agreements are:

  • Being clear on the reason for the partnership
  • Being able to see beyond the present financial gain and doing adequate research on your potential partner
  • Coming to terms with the fact that you will be put in uncomfortable situations with your partner
  • Creating a contract agreement 
  • Honoring the terms of the agreement at all times

Ready To Take Action?

Have you considered partnerships for your business? Do you need to know how best to protect your company's interest and not violate that of your potential partners? 

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